Sean Dow is a Critical Care and Pulmonary physician. He has recently relocated from Las Vegas tp Great Falls, Montana. He was born in Iowa City and raised in Topeka, Kansas before pursuing his medical education at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, graduating in 1986. He fell in love with the challenges of the Intensive Care Unit, and in 1990, moved to Tucson, Arizona for a three year fellowship at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

After graduation, he started a rewarding solo practice in Klamath Falls, Oregon. When not seeing patients, he fell in love with all activities of the outdoors, fly-fishing the pristine streams of the Cascades, rock hunting and stalking the elusive wild mushroom. He also developed a passion for cooking, often spending days preparing a special meal, and has had numerous marriage proposals based solely on his cheesecake.

Writing has been a lifelong dream for Dr. Dow, and in 2011, he started the novel that had been yearning to get out, but which had fallen prey to a busy schedule and to the wild trout of Oregon, waiting to rise to his flies. “Debridement” was published in 2012. It reflects the anguish physicians feel when served with a lawsuit, and the dream felt by so many of leveling the tables.

His Opinion/Editorial piece, “Curing a health care woe: The case for malpractice reform” has been widely published, and reprinted on medical specialty websites.

Many have asked if “Debridement” is an autobiographical novel. That, my friend, is a question best left to the reader’s imagination.