An excellent debut novel by Sean Dow!

Witty and funny!


Jack Hastings has carried off the greatest career switch in history, from dedicated critical care physician to cold-blooded hit man, and has done it with humor and style.

Dragged down in a groundless lawsuit, he wrestles with the same homicidal thoughts generations of doctors have dealt with. As he is debating the merits of killing the plaintiff’s lawyer, another colleague is served, in a most humiliating and degrading fashion. The decision is made. Unfortunately, the well-planned murder comes to the attention of another colleague who forces him into a moral quagmire-kill again or go directly to jail. Ultimately, Jack is drawn away from legitimate medicine to an escalating life of crime, all in the interest of societal gain, of course.

With the moral dilemma out of the way and his new career gaining steam, Jack faces a new problem. His wife, Aurora, is suspicious of his sudden travels. Assuming the worst, she provokes a confrontation, with interesting results.

This is a novel with broad appeal to health care professionals. Physicians have long dreamed of finding revenge, but have always fallen back on the Hippocratic Oath. Jack Hastings is a sympathetic villain whose “Modest Proposal” will brighten their day.



A Leafy Green World

leafy green final


Best book I have read this year!

Terrorism, violence, lust, sex, deception, and redemption are all found within these pages.

It is a wild ride!


Dr. Brent Holcomb had been on a downhill slide, but things were finally looking up. The life he had dreamed of was in reach, until tragedy struck. Always his own worst enemy, Brent’s heartbroken reaction pushed him to new lows; moving to Oregon might be his last chance.

In Portland, Brent found himself in an exciting new life, until he found that his new friends weren’t what they appeared to be. Caught up in the murder of an innocent man, enmeshed with domestic terrorists and with nowhere to turn, a bold plan formed-a plan that put him on a treacherous path, with not only his own life in balance, but the fate of his country.

A Leafy Green World is packed with intrigue, action and unexpected curves. Join Dr. Holcomb on this fast-paced ride as he pits himself against secretive, ruthless terrorists, where every move could be his last.





                 althar cover


The action intensifies in this thrilling sequel to

A Leafy Green World

A book full of suspense that I couldn’t put down

The first page got me interested; by the second page I was hooked.


A tranquil village in the Philippines should be a safe haven, but not when you are the most sought after man on the planet. A relentless assassin is on the way, his goal far worse than a simple execution.

Dr. Brent Holcomb is once more again into danger, this time on an international level. With an unlikely cast, he devises the greatest deception the world has ever seen, pitting himself against a foe capable of unimaginable savagery, a foe with only two goals-the destruction of the West, and the public and painful death of Dr. Holcomb. There can be only one outcome in this high stakes match, the complete destruction of the world’s most feared terrorist group, or his own death.  Hunted by his own government, and with an unlikely cast, Dr. Holcomb sets out on the greatest con the world has ever seen.





A Leafy Green World/Al-thar Bundle

A Leafy Green World_Al-Thar EBOOK

A Leafy Green World is the exciting introduction of Dr. Brent Holcomb. With his life and career on the ropes, Brent moves to Portland, Oregon for one last chance. Things go smoothly in his new home, he even meets Robyn, the girl of his dreams. Then, a chance encounter with an overweight barber and his friendly Labrador sends things spinning in a direction he could have never imagined. Now, caught up in the murder of an innocent man and enmeshed with violent domestic terrorists with ties into local law enforcement, Brent has only one chance. He forms a bold plan to earn their trust as he seeks to free himself and bring them to justice, but complications arise when a deeply hidden Middle Eastern terror cell comes into the picture. Now, the stakes are much higher, with two improbable allies working together towards the final destruction of America.

Al-thar continues the adventures, with even more action than in Dr. Dow’s earlier novels. Living on the peaceful island of Masbate, in the Philippines, things are heading in the right direction, but soon he discovers that the protection of the FBI’s witness protection plan is not enough for someone who has stopped the actions of the world’s most deadly terror organization. An assassin is on the way with plans far worse than a simple bullet to the head.

With the violent destruction of his new home, Brent’s life is once more torn apart. He reassembles his cast of friends from A Leafy Green World as he sets out on a quest for al-thar(Arabic-revenge), hatching the most daring con ever conceived. The action goes from the Philippines to Washington, D.C., and from a hidden valley deep in Pakistan to the jungles of Sierra Leone in this timely and fast-paced thriller that has been described as being too close to reality.

Please join Dr. Holcomb and his endearing friends as they travel the world in this thrilling compilation of adventures with animal rights activists, eco-terrorists and deadly Ebola attacks. Available only as ebook.