5 Stars, Linda

What do you call a thriller that melds politics with terrorism? A book full of suspense that I couldn’t put down! The author intricately infuses detailed character background with plot twists and turns. I didn’t suspect, but one of my favorite characters was Brent Holcomb. From the beginning, it seems as if Brent is too cerebral. However, you can’t judge a person on the outside after all. Brent is a man of many talents, and that doesn’t always come across. But he has tendency to follow through on his word, and shows compassion to others.

And important lesson in the book for me, was the generosity of people who had less material wealth in life. Their loyalty and sacrifice could humble even the most arrogant among us. We are shown how the poor and marginalized are treated around the world. This also included the deplorable treatment of women in Afghanistan. As it turns out, never discount anyone because guidance comes in many forms.

It was a pleasure to always be kept on my toes, just like the characters were on high alert. In an effort to be one step ahead, we are taken from The Philippines to Sierra Leone. The mission and lives of thousands are at stake. Which side will prevail?

5 Stars, Lisa Komnick

I really enjoyed this book. The first page got me interested and by the second page I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. I have not read the first book in the series yet, but am going to go back and read it now. I have always enjoyed suspenseful stories and this one was not a disappointment. I like the fact that the author is quite straight forward about things that can and are happening all over the world. Terrorism is a real thing and there are too many people that want to prefer to think about it as a minor problem. I will caution anyone who is thinking about reading this that there are indeed some very graphic passages. So, if that is going to bother you, don’t read this. Otherwise, it is an extremely good book worthy of your time. I noticed that one reviewer said something about skimming over parts and I think that is a very good idea for someone who likes this kind of book but can’t handle the violence. Overall, I would recommend this book. I would simply warn anyone with a queasy stomach. I give this book 2 thumbs up and look forward to reading more of Mr. Dow’s works.


                                                                        A Leafy Green World

1936 Dodge

As I live in Oregon, I always have interest in books from the northwest. When I started reading “A Leafy Green World” I couldn’t put it down. Has all the ingredients, terrorists, environmentalists, Feds, tragedy, romance, cooking (if Dr. Brent is going to describe his culinary delights, I need the recipes). Best book I have read this year, can’t wait for the next installment. Kudo’s, Dr. Sean Dow

5 Stars-Carleen Markivich

Very intriguing! As you begin to read this book, you feel that the story is heading in one direction and then all of a sudden the story changes. I love that it is not predictable from the very beginning. Terrorism, violence, lust, sex, deception, and redemption are all found within these pages. It is a wild ride and an intriguing story that seems very plausible and so it keeps the reader’s interest. I would suggest this book to adult readers who are interested in action, adventure, and mystery novels.
5 Stars-Dotrazn

This is a fun, unique read. Sean Dow does something that really appeals to me as a reader. He describes and uses the city in which this novel takes place as if it were a character. Portland only adds to the mystery, as Dr. Holcomb embarks on a wild adventure of terrorism, violence, and lies. It felt like 1991’s Point Break meets the Born Identity. Our protagonist has an “every-man” appeal to him and the plot line felt well crafted and thoughtfully executed. Each turn and twist was an opportunity to get to know the characters better and continue to read on in excitement.

The ending seemed abrupt but perhaps this is because I was enjoying it so much. Grateful for the sequel as I would have certainly left this book feeling like I only read half of a story. Others may have felt closure but the anticipation of more adventures is what drew me into wanting more. Dow has created a solid foundation for his audience to continue reading about Dr. Holcomb’s mishaps as he navigates the leafy green, dark side of Portland and beyond.

Robert Wiencek, Jr, MD

Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Stanford University

It is not often that a teller of stories can take a reader on such a wild ride as Dr. Sean Dow has done in his newest book, “A Leafy Green World.” A masterful story of a physician trying to resurrect his career who gets tangled in a world of intrigue and activism. It is a well thought out story that draws you in right from the start and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the wild finish. Dr. Dow has the ability to develop characters in a way that you can understand their emotions and actions as the book develops. The plot of the story is fast paced and riveting and keeps you spellbound right up to the end. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I did his first book, “Debridement,” and I can’t wait for more stories from this up and coming brilliant author.



Yatish Joshi

An excellent debut novel by Sean Dow! It’s witty and funny, putting a real life and fun spin on a doctor turning into a hit man. The lead character was well fleeced out and his initial steps of turning into a hit man were hilarious. The medical knowledge of the author came in handy in making believable scenarios where the deaths appear accidental.

Magic City Morning Star:What’s in the Book Basket This Week?

In this absorbing new thriller, Debridement, Sean Dow tells the tale of Dr. Jack Hastings, a devoted pulmonologist and critical care doctor whose goal to maintain a pristine record is decimated when a greedy malpractice lawyer brings a frivolous suit, representing an estranged wife whose sudden “grief” at her husband’s death is enhanced by the prospect of a large settlement. Another of Hastings’ dedicated colleagues had committed suicide years earlier when a suit by the same lawyer ended her practice and the fulfilling life she’d built.

While contemplating his fate, another colleague is sued. He is served by the same lawyer, in front of his crowded office waiting room; it was done in the most humiliating way possible, done simply to maximize the intimidating effect of the suit. This final act leads the enraged Hastings to commit a deed he would never have dreamed of: murder.